What is an SSL certificate and how do I get one?

Find information on the purpose of an SSL certificate and how to obtain one in this article.

While browsing the internet, you may have noticed that most sites have a lock icon next to their web URL:


Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 11.38.56 AM


This icon means the website has an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a tool that makes sure that the connection between a website and a computer is private and secure.

This helps protect against hackers who want to steal credit card information or other sensitive information that visitors may share with your website, which is especially important if you have payments being processed on your site for online stores or donation forms.

An SSL will also change your domain from http to https, which may need some additional setup on your site in order to make the certificate work properly.


How do I get an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are typically provided by your website hosting service. Check with your hosting provider or be sure to ask if you can get an SSL certificate when you are looking at hosting options.


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