What Nonprofits Need to Know About Data Privacy in 2021


Nonprofit organizations have access to sensitive data, such as health records, financial information and legal documents, that is of interest to cyber criminals. Many also serve highly vulnerable populations. How can your nonprofit evaluate its level of risk? What is needed to achieve compliance in 2021?

In this webinar, Chris Lim and Emily Friedrichs discuss how to assess your policies and technologies to verify that they protect both beneficiaries and benefactors.

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What you'll learn...

  • Questions to help you approximate the level of risk that your nonprofit faces, based on the volume and type of information you collect
  • Tips for assessing your existing policies and technologies 
  • What is needed to comply with the data privacy laws that apply to nonprofits in the US and EU as of the end of 2020

About Chris Lim

Chris Lim is the Customer Success Lead at Elevation. His passions include racial justice, programs for individuals with disabilities, and music & art. Chris has spent time teaching guitar to underprivileged youth in DC and led a glass art program at a nonprofit for individuals with cognitive disabilities. Recently his work has focused on enabling nonprofits to maximize their online reach and success.

About Emily Friedrichs

Emily Friedrichs is the Communications and Content Marketing Manager at Elevation. Her commitment to social justice and service began in her youth in New Hampshire and has stayed with her across the globe decades later. Emily has been both volunteer and activist for organizations working on human rights, poverty elimination, non-violence, and cultural exchange. She has taught in underprivileged schools in New York and Buenos Aires. Emily is passionate about community-building and behavioral psychology, and excited to be working at their crossroads in nonprofit technology.