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How Google Ad Grants Tell Your Nonprofit's Story

About the Webinar

Google Ad Grants is an incredible opportunity offered by Google for qualified nonprofits to receive a $10,000 monthly grant, which can be used for free advertising on Google's search network. This clears a new path to reach potential donors that has proven to be a massive success for nonprofits. However, many either don't know about this program or are not managing it to reach its full potential. In this webinar, we will go over the basics and benefits of Google Ad Grants, as well as discuss how to build effective, structured campaigns that tell the complete story of your nonprofit

After the webinar, you'll be able to...

  • Understand why your nonprofit will benefit from Google Ad Grants. 

  • Create your own account and campaign for your nonprofit. 

  • Tell your nonprofit's story effectively through your campaigns.

About the Presenter

Nidia Verdugo is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Elevation. A California native, Nidia has spent over 5 years in media and marketing with a focus on developing strategic digital campaigns for organizations and NGOs. Specializing in Google AdGrants, SEM, and email marketing campaigns, Nidia designs individualized digital marketing campaigns specific to her client's goals. Driven by research and data, she is dedicated to finding the best solutions for her clients.