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Don't Wait to Update!
Simplifying your nonprofit's website maintenance schedule

Available on demand
Recorded June 2019

About the Webinar

Your nonprofit is always making progress, but does your website reflect that? When was the last time you updated your plugins or checked on your site's accessibility features? Are small changes and tedious fixes always falling to the back of your priority list?
Regular website maintenance is a necessity, but it doesn't have to be a pain. With the proper schedule and mindset, you can keep your website looking fresh to keep your donors coming back. Check out this recorded webinar to learn how to give your website some proper TLC. 

In this webinar, we'll cover...

  • Why website maintenance is essential for every nonprofit organization
  • Your weekly, monthly, and yearly website maintenance breakdown
  • Access for all: simple updates you can do to improve your website's accessibility

About the Presenters

Sarah Henry is the Content Marketing Growth Manager at Elevation, a full-service nonprofit web design agency. Sarah began in the nonprofit world in 2009 and has worked with organizations supporting education and digital and performing arts ever since. Sarah works to empower nonprofits to maintain relevance in our increasingly tech-focused world by combining her nonprofit experience with her passion for psychology and digital media.


Jenna Barna is the Technical Support Manager at Elevation. Jenna has been working with nonprofits since 2009 in higher education and web design. Jenna heads up our maintenance team to support our ongoing clients with portals, projects, and regular updates to keep their sites secure and up to date!