Cryptocurrency and Your Nonprofit: Explained!


With the price of Bitcoin tripling in a year, donations also are on the rise. From a tax perspective, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are treated like stock donations, meaning the donor doesn’t have to pay capital gains tax and gets a nice tax write off.

In this webinar, Alex and Patrick from The Giving Block discuss how your nonprofit can capture this next wave of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations. They also cover what has made fundraising Bitcoin successful for nonprofits who already have these programs.

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What you'll learn...

  • Basics of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain
  • Why people donate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • How nonprofits fundraise Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

About Alex Wilson

Alex’s background is in management consulting, specializing in digital transformation, which led him into a career focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. For the last couple of years, Alex has been investing and consulting in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. As co-founder of The Giving Block, he’s now focused on the nonprofit world.

About Patrick Duffy

Patrick began as a federal consultant focused on pharmaceutical companies' collaboration with nonprofits. He then shifted to the nonprofit sector, focusing on operations and fundraising. Merging his nonprofit experience and passion for crypto trading, he now designs and implements initiatives focused on elevating nonprofit outcomes and cryptocurrency adoption as co-founder of The Giving Block.