How to use the All In One plugin for SEO

Find out where to find the All In One SEO plugin for Search Engine Optimization in Wordpress and how to get started with optimizing your site using it.

The All In One SEO plugin for Search Engine Optimization helps you improve your website and content to make it more friendly for search engines like Google to find your website and understand what is going on in it. The AIO plugin works on the basis of analyzing individual pages for best practices for SEO as well as giving you an easy interface to work with some of the most important functions of your website for SEO.

Where is it?

You can locate the AIOSEO plugin on the left sidebar of the Wordpress Dashboard. By clicking on the All in One SEO plugin icon (see below), you will reach the AIO Dashboard. Within the Dashboard, you can access several of the AIOSEO help articles and the set-up wizard, including checklists and additional guidance on how to navigate the plugin and where to get started.

The other place you can find the AIOSEO plugin is at the very bottom of every page of your website, when you’re editing those pages. Just scroll all the way down, and you’ll find insights and action items for that particular page.

How should I start using it?

On the Dashboard, you’ll also find two of the key areas to keep an eye on in the plugin: the AIO SEO Overview and the SEO Site Score. These two graphics will guide you to the parts of your website that need improvement from an SEO perspective, and they are a great place to get started.

The AIO SEO Overview provides you with a quick glance at how your content is doing SEO-wise on a page-by-page basis (see screenshot below). In order to get an analysis of individual pages, you’ll need to set a Focus Keyphrase, or a phrase you’d want people to type into a search engine to find this page, which you can do when you edit the page. From there, the plugin analyzes if the content on that page is meeting SEO best practices for that Keyphrase and suggests improvements.

The SEO Site Score (see below) analyzes the pages of your website from a technical point of view, and shows the results of its automatic site audit. You can identify pages with key issues and then the plugin will guide you through the steps to resolve them.

We’d suggest getting started in these two areas and following the prompts within the plugin to identify where to start improving your site. Remember, optimizing your site for search engines can require a lot of time and meticulous work, so it’s a good idea to start small and work your way through the recommendations little by little.

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