How to Edit the Main Menu of my WordPress site

Find instructions on how to manage and customize the Main Menu of my WordPress site here.

The Main Menu of your WordPress site is a visitor's primary tool to navigate your site quickly. Use the instructions below to access and manage the Main Menu and customize it so that visitors can navigate your site easily:

Accessing the Main Menu settings

1. Log into the WordPress backend of your site

2. Navigate back to your site's home page and click Customize in the top bar

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.48.42 PM

3. A menu will pop up on the left. Click Menus and then select the menu that you want to edit to view the configuration of that menu.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.01.47 PM

How to create a new menu item

1. Click the Add Items button

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.38.54 PM

This will open a menu to select to additional items to add:

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.39.18 PM

2. Click the page or post that you want to add, or create a custom link to add to the bottom of your menu. 

How to move menu items and make menu sub-items

After the item has been added to the bottom of the menu, click and drag it into the correct position.

If you want an item to be a sub-item, click and drag it to an "indented" position under the parent item:

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.45.11 PM