How to Add, Categorize, or Delete a Post

Find instructions below on how to manage your Posts in WordPress

  • Adding a post is simple as can be! When logged into the backend of your site, find the Posts widget on the left sidebar and click Add New. Fill in the title, body text, images, and whatever else you might want to appear and click Publish on the right side of the screen to finalize your changes.


  • Categories are an easy and effective way to group your posts into distinct sections on your site, so that users can browse your Posts by topic. For example, you could make a Category called "News", so that if someone was interested only in reading the most recent press releases from the organization, and not member spotlights or other unrelated content, they'd easily be able to find only those Posts in that News category.
    • To assign a category to a post, open the Post in the backend, find the Categories section on the right side, select the appropriate category check box, and click the blue Publish or Update button on the right side, depending on if you're publishing a new Post or updating an old one. You can also create a new Category in this area by clicking the Add New Category link. Note that you can select more than one category per post! 
    • Another way to create a new category is in the Categories widget under the Posts parent tab in the left sidebar. Here, fill out the fields you want (the only one required is Name) and select Add New Category


  • Tags are similar to categories in that they can be used to group articles together by topic, but they are much more specific. Tags should represent key words or phrases in the article, whereas categories are broad and should contain multiple articles under one umbrella. Tags should be article-specific.
    • You can add new tags in the same fashion as categories. Either when you have the post open in the backend (under the categories) or in the Tags widget under the Posts parent tab in the left sidebar. 

  • Deleting a post can be done right on the All Posts page. You'd just hover your mouse over the post you want to delete and click Trash. You have 30 days to restore a post from the trash if necessary. You can delete a category and tag in the same way on their respective widget pages. Please note that if you delete a category, it will not delete the posts inside of it. The posts will retain the other categories that are assigned to them, or will leave the posts "unassigned".